Chilton Town Council
Chilton Town Council

Welcome to Chilton

The name Chilton comes from the Anglo Saxon words “Cild” meaning child and “Tun” meaning small town or estate.

The word child in Anglo Saxon means either young monk or young nobleman so the name roughly translates as “Young Nobleman’s Estate”

At one point in time the main employment in the area was based on agriculture but Chilton Colliery then lying to the North of the village provided a new direction when it opened in 1832. Chilton as we know it today began to come together in the nineteenth century then the first rows of houses were authorised to be built by colliery owners Pease and Partners for miners and their families.

Chilton today is becoming a small urban town with good access to bus routes and A1 motorway, Durham City (7 miles) to the North and Darlington (9 miles) to the South. The population of Chilton is just under 4100 people and are extremely friendly.

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