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About Our Policies

As a Town Council, we have a number of policies and procedures to which we must adhere to. A list of the policies can be found below.

The Council policies are constantly being reviewed to ensure they are relevant and up to date. If you have any queries or questions regarding the policies, please contact the Corporate and Policy Officer at the Town Council Offices.

Missing Policies

If the policy details you require are not listed, please contact the Town Clerk.

Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy

“It is the policy of the Council to promote a culture of honest, openness and fairness, which is committed to the prevention and detection of fraud and corruption; to ensure that all instances of fraud and corruption are investigated properly and thoroughly; and to actively pursue the appropriate level of disciplinary action”. 

Capability Policy & Procedure

The Council is committed to the highest levels of competence and conduct and is striving to provide a working environment where every employee is encouraged to his or her full potential.

It is recognised that discipline is necessary for the efficient operation of the Council and for the health and safety at work of all employees;
and that capability procedures are necessary to assist in maintaining standards of performance and conduct and for promoting fairness in the treatment of individuals considered to be falling below acceptable standards.

Code of Conduct – May 2023

Pursuant to section 27 of the Localism Act 2011, CHILTON Town Council (‘the Council’) has adopted this Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of behaviour by its members and co-opted members whenever they conduct the business of the Council, including the business of the office to which they were elected or appointed, or when they claim to act or give the impression of acting as a representative of the Council.

Comments Compliments and Complaints Procedure

Chilton Town Council aims to provide excellent quality services for the benefit of people who live, work or visit the Town. However, things can sometimes go wrong.

If they do, we need to know so we can put them right and take steps to improve our services.

The Town Council sees all customer comments and feedback as a good way of evaluating its services. Complaints and comments are an important part of this process and help us to learn and develop.
The Town Council aims to use this information to help drive improvements.

Co-option Policy & Voting Procedure

There are two circumstances under which the Electoral Officer of Durham County Council will notify Chilton Town Council that it may, if it so wishes, proceed to fill a casual vacancy by co-option.

Dignity at Work Policy

All individuals have a right to be treated with dignity and respect whilst at work or using Chilton Town Council’s services. In particular, the Council honours its duty of care to ensure workers are not harassed or bullied in the workplace.

The Council undertakes that complaints from workers of harassment or bullying will be dealt with seriously, expeditiously, and confidentially.

Health and Safety Policy – May 2023

The aim of this Policy is to assist Chilton Town Council in providing a safe and healthy workplace and working environment for all of its employees, and to protect all other persons not employed by the Council, but who may be affected by their work activity.

Protocol for Members and Officers Relations

The purpose of this protocol is to guide Members and Officers of the Council in their relations with one another in such a way as to ensure the smooth running of the Council and to satisfy the ethical standards required.

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Employees can sometimes be the first to realise that there may be something seriously wrong with procedures and/or processes within Chilton Town Council (the council).

However, they may not always express their concerns because they feel that speaking up would be disloyal to their colleagues or to the council.

They may also fear the threat of harassment or victimisation and in these circumstances they may feel it easier to just ignore their concern rather than report what may just be a suspicion of malpractice.

Safeguarding Policy

This policy identifies procedures, roles and responsibilities for ensuring that Chilton Town Council staff and volunteers deal with safeguarding issues appropriately and promptly.

Scheme of Delegation

This Scheme of Delegation authorises the Town Clerk, who is the Council’s Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer, Standing Committees and Sub- committees of the Council to act with delegated authority in the specific circumstances detailed herein.

Standing Orders

This is the main Policy Document for Chilton Town Council and is the underpinning Policy on which all other Policies and Activity undertaken by Chilton Town Council, its Members and Officers operate. It is reviewed Annually by the Full Council at its Annual meeting each May.

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