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Chilton Cemetery

Chilton Town Council is a burial authority and therefore maintains its own cemetery and burial records. The gates of Chilton Cemetery are not locked. However, we do ask that anyone visiting the cemetery to close the gates when they leave.

Chilton Cemetery was opened for burials in early 1925, with its first interment taking place on 12th February 1925.

The cemetery is situated on the old A167 road, Chilton, County Durham, DL17 0EH. The cemetery consists of 7 sections (A-G), which are situated either side of a central path, with a circular walkway in the middle. To the right of the cemetery is a walled Garden of Remembrance for residents who are important to Chilton but do not rest here.

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Grave Purchase

Burials are usually co-ordinated between a funeral director, the Town Council staff and the bereaved. Please see our documentation:

You must purchase a grave plot if you wish to be buried in our Cemetery, whether it is a full burial or burial of ashes. It is vital to understand the importance of purchasing a grave and who be named on the deeds. When a grave is purchased an EROB (Exclusive Right of Burial) is given to the purchaser.

The EROB gives the person(s) the right to allow burials, erect memorials, undertake maintenance on the plot. When a grave is purchased a Deed is issued, this is a legal document and should be kept in a safe place until needed.

Garden Of Rememberance

The cemetery has a Garden of Remembrance where families can have a plaque installed for loved one who are not buried within our cemetery or just as an additional memorial. Plaques are purchased through the Town Council by completing an application form.

We must stress, this area must not be used to place vases of flowers or other memorials.

Burial Records

Chilton Town Council recognises the increasing interest in family history / genealogy and we welcome any requests for information about burials in our cemetery.

Please note, there will be charge for all searches carried out and more information will be given when a query is received.

To make a query, please complete this form.

If you have any problems accessing this form, please contact Anne Hall, Finance and Admin Officer on 01388 721788 who will be able to help with your inquiry.

After Burial

Back-filling of graves will not normally begin until mourners are making their way out of the cemetery.

Graves are left slightly mounded to allow for settlement and flowers delivered at the time of the burial will be carefully placed on the grave by cemetery staff upon completion of back filling.

Seeding over of the grave plot will be carried out by cemetery staff following a period of settlement over a minimum period of twelve weeks during which time the grave will be topped up with soil as necessary. Settling of graves may take longer than twelve weeks depending on weather and ground conditions. Mourners are respectfully advised not to place ornaments or plants on the grave during this settlement time as weather and ground conditions can result in rapid overnight settlement.

Grant holders are requested to remove any wreaths or flowers that were placed on a grave after the funeral as soon as they become wilted. Cemetery staff may dispose of any obviously dead wreaths or flowers that have not been removed.

Where flowers and wreaths have been placed at the graveside following burials or in approved vases then the person placing flowers will be responsible for moving them when they are wilted, to the bins provided on site.

It is also important to think about who will be responsible after you have passed away, transfers of deeds is easier if the plot is mentioned in a will, especially if you would like someone specific to take ownership.

Completion of the application to purchase a grave is usually dealt with by the Funeral Director at the time of initial arrangements for the funeral. However, you may wish to choose your grave space yourself, sometimes if you are arranging prepaid funerals, you will be required to have a grave purchased.

If you wish to purchase a plot direct, please contact Chilton Town Council on 01388 721788.

Please note, all grave spaces purchased are single, we do not allow double depth burials in Chilton Cemetery.

There may be a time when you need to transfer a Deed to someone else, e.g. following a funeral, if the Deed is in the name of the deceased, it will need to be transferred to someone else before a memorial can be installed. Please see our Transfer and Ownership Regulations for all of the details.

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