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Allotment Sites

We have three locations; Hambleton Way, Prospect Terrace & West Chilton Terrace.

Our Allotments come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The size of the plot will determine the amount of rent charged. Rents for plots are decided upon by the Town Council and are reviewed annually.

The rent runs from April to March.

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About our Allotments

To be eligible to rent a plot, you must be a resident of Chilton and have lived here for at least 6 months.

We aim to work closely with tenants to ensure that we provide an appropriate and satisfactory allotment service.

If you are interested in renting an allotment, please complete the Allotment Application Form and return it to the Town Council offices or email to

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We aim to inspect ALL 3 times a year. Planned to be in April, July and September. Some of these inspections will be carried out using drone footage. If your allotment is felt to be in a poor state, not being used for the correct purposes or contravening any of the conditions of the tenancy agreement, you will receive a letter informing you of this and what you need to do to bring it up to standard.

The areas that will be looked at during an inspection are:
• General condition
• Rubbish on the plot
• Hazardous objects / materials
• Percentage cultivated
• Structure condition

If we are unable to view or access your allotment, we will contact you to gain access. Those allotments which need to be improved would be inspected again to ensure the work has been done and the allotment is satisfactory. Please note, anyone not keeping their allotments to a good standard may be given notice to quit.

For information about our inspection policy, please see click here
Tenants should:
• Commit the required time and effort to care for their plot
• Inform the Town Council of changes of contact details
• Keep their allotment cultivated in accordance with the rules
• Be considerate and polite to neighbours, other tenants, council members and officers of the Council
• Do their share of communal tasks, such as help with work parties, if required
• Report problems and address queries to the Town Council in the first instance
• Pay annual rent in full and on time
• Be responsible for any Co-Workers on their plot and ensure they are registered with the Town Council
• Be responsible for the security of their own tools and equipment
• Manage their own personal insurances
• Take due care for the Health and Safety of those on their plot or affected by their work

Chilton Town Council’s should:
• Provide relevant information on rules (Tenancy Agreement)
• Inform tenants about our Complaints Procedure (available on request)
• Provide day to day management of site
• Manage Health and Safety of the site
• Arrange repairs for infrastructure
• Collect, monitor and account for fees or fundraising income
• Monitor expenditure
• Provide a fair and equitable management of waiting lists and applications for plots
• Respond to queries and complaints in a timely and reasonable manner
• Publish Committee Meeting agendas and minutes (available on the website)
• Ensure that Public Liability insurance is up to date for the sites
• Inspect the condition of allotments on a regular basis to maintain suitable standards of care, issuing warnings and notices to quit as appropriate
The Town Council holds a monthly Allotment Committee meeting, usually the 3rd Monday of the month at 10.30am at Hutton House, Town Council offices. All Agendas and Minutes from meetings are available here.

If you wish to attend, raise any items or report problems at the meeting, please inform the Town Clerk 3 days prior to the meeting.
The Town Council holds a waiting list for allotments, with information taken from the application form. For information on how allotments are allocated, please see click here.
Please click the online application form button to submit your application for an allotment, alternatively scan the QR code for the same form.
Online application
Please view our sample tenancy agreement for domestic cultivation only.
Form (PDF)